ASI announces 2019 Hines Award Recipient Fred Leise

The American Society for Indexing (ASI) is pleased to announce that the 2019 Theodore C. Hines Award for continuous dedication and exceptional service to ASI is awarded to Fred Leise.

The Hines Committee received two nominations packets for Fred, each containing numerous supporting letters. These letters highlighted different aspects of Fred’s many contributions to ASI and to the indexing profession in general.

Fred was a member of the national Board of Directors and ASI president twice, serving for a total of eight years. As a member of the board, he helped to bring ASI into compliance with the new IRS organizational tax-exempt status. He worked on by-laws revisions and is chairing this year’s Excellence in Indexing Award committee.

As a contributor to annual conferences, Fred has taught many workshops, most notably conceiving and teaching the original “The Naked Indexer,” a long-time favorite. He has also taught the pre-Conference workshop for beginning indexers. He has contributed articles to Key Words as well as chapters to ASI/ITI volumes and work as and as a co-editor. Additionally he has presented the “Successful Subheadings” webinar and the ASI online learning course “How to Create Brilliantly Structured Indexes.”

Fred Leise, continuing his service, will present Climbing Camelback: Intermediate/Advanced Topics in Indexing at the ASI conference “Bloom in the Desert” this spring.

As an active member of the Chicago-Great Lakes chapter, Fred served as chapter president and webmaster as well as being the designer of the original chapter website.

And, while doing all of the above, Fred Leise has been an instructor of the UC Berkeley online indexing course, generously giving of his time and knowledge to further the profession.

With our appreciation, ASI is pleased to present the 2019 Hines Award to Fred Leise.

Thank you to the Hines Award Committee, chaired this year by Ina Gravitz.

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