ASI Seeks Training Course Administrator in 2022

American Society for Indexing Seeks Training Course Administrator in 2022

The American Society for Indexing is seeking a Course Administrator for the ASI Training Course. The Course Administrator will work in partnership with ASI to advance the association’s educational mission.

Job Description:

The Course Administrator works with the ASI office to track students from enrollment through to course completion. This tracking process includes communicating with students and instructors, recording information on the Course Exam Tracker spreadsheet, informing the ASI office when students pass an exam, and reporting course statistics to the ASI Board as requested. The Course Administrator maintains and archives student exam files in DropBox.

The Course Administrator recruits new and tracks the participation of current graders, and works in conjunction with graders to develop and implement logistics for grading exams, training for graders, and quality control strategies for evaluating graders annually before contracts are renewed. Graders submit invoices to the Course Administrator, who tracks and archives them, and passes them on to the ASI office for payment.

The Course Administrator, working with the ASI office, corrects errors discovered in the course materials, and ensures that materials are updated and posted to the training website as needed. This may include such activities as updating information on the ASI website related to the training course, such as the FAQ page.

The Course Administrator responds to general questions about the ASI Training Course as referred by the ASI office or those that come directly through the training course email address. The Course Administrator may assume a mentoring role in responding to student questions.

The Course Administrator is an independent contractor for ASI and is paid an annual honorarium. The Administrator must be a current member of the American Society for Indexing.

The Course Administrator shall be responsible for providing the Board of ASI with bi-annual reports of the status of the ASI Training Course for each of two Board meetings. Other reports may be requested as necessary.

In order to apply for the position, which starts January 1, 2022, please email your letter of interest to Gwen Henson, accompanied by your current resume and statement of how you are qualified for the position and why you are interested in becoming the Course Administrator. The application deadline has been extended to 5 pm Pacific time on November 12, 2021.

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