Changes are afoot! ASI seeks next editor of See Also

Changes are afoot within ASI's publications! Janet Perlman has completed her final issue as our stellar editor of Key Words and has retired from the role; Daniel Heila, who has served ably as editor of See Also, is moving into the Key Words editorship, and "you" could be part of ASI's publication future as the new See Also editor!

Yes, the American Society for Indexing is seeking a new editor for See Also. As Daniel Heila, who has filled that role for nearly two years, moves into the editorship of Key Words—ASI's quarterly journal, we are looking for the person who will carry on his excellent work. Is it you?

See Also, ASI's monthly newsletter, is posted on the ASI website and distributed to ASI members and other interested parties. The newsletter contains news of ASI events including webinars, online learning courses, conferences and chapter events as well as industry news and news from sister associations, prepared in easily digestible bites. The goal of ASI is to create a publication that keeps members informed and well represents the association in the public eye.

The editor will:

  • Be a current member of ASI
  • Display an understanding of the newsletter’s focus
  • Work in cooperation with the Key Words editor to exchange ideas and information and ensure that items are routed to the appropriate publication based on length, depth, and time sensitivity.
  • Meet the monthly deadline for submitting copy in a Word file (simple formatting only, proofread, and with links included) to the ASI office.
  • Adhere to professional journalistic standards.

The position is a one-year contract and comes with an honorarium.

To apply for the position of See Also editor, please email your current resume or cv and a cover letter explaining how you are qualified for the position and why you are interested to Executive Director Gwen Henson. The application deadline is 5 pm Pacific time on April 14, 2022.

Contact ASI Office with any technical questions.

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