You’re invited to the Indexing Playground

Members, scroll down for the Zoom link.

For many indexers, work is solitary. You spend time with your current project then move on to the next one. You face both indexing and business challenges on your own, and some days you yearn for workmates—even if it’s for a short chat. At those times, it helps to connect with other indexers. Whether it is to find out how they juggle work with raising a family, how to plan for the future, or how to handle a tricky indexing problem, talking with those in the business can really help. It takes another indexer to really “get” you, right?

That’s why we’re creating the Indexing Playground. Every few months, we’ll get together to have fun chatting with other indexers in an informal, safe environment created just for ASI members. Each playground will have a common interest, and you’re welcome to stay in one or move to a new playground, as long as you respect the focus of that playground.

The name Indexing Playground was inspired by Margie Towery (Ten Characteristics of Quality Indexes). She said when she is indexing, she thinks “about creating a playground. Audiences arrive at the playground with diverse knowledge, experience, emotions, goals, and so on. The index serves as the playground in which audiences enter the world of the text.” On our playground, indexers with diverse knowledge will come together to have fun and talk about shared experiences.

Join us on Wednesday, August 9, for our first playground at 10 a.m. Pacific / 1 p.m. Eastern. In each room a host will welcome you and get the ball rolling. We’ll meet via Zoom and break into these playgrounds:

  • Side hustle indexers—hosted by Michele Combs
  • BIPOC indexers—hosted by Mylinh Hamlington
  • Parenting indexers—hosted by Shannon Li
  • Indexers planning ahead for retirement—hosted by Carolyn Weaver
  • Recess (free-range chat)—hosted by John Magee

ASI members, log in for the Zoom link you will use to join the August 9 Indexing Playground.

If you have an idea for a future playground theme or would like to host a playground, contact Theresa Duran or Gwen Henson.

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