ASI Launches Membership Referral Program

You can help us grow!

ASI is seeking new members to join our association, and as a current ASI member, you can benefit. When you refer an indexer to ASI and that person joins the organization, you are eligible for one of two free gifts from ASI.

  • Current members who recruit a new member* will receive their choice of a stylish tote bag with the ASI logo or one free webinar replay of their choice ($29 value).

Plus, your recruited new member receives these gifts.

  • New members* will receive an ASI membership pin and one free webinar replay of their choice.

What members like best about ASI membership

Have you ever thought about why you choose to belong to ASI? We asked a few members what they liked best about being an ASI member.

“The best thing about being a member of ASI is the community—having a group who can help with ideas, answers, and encouragement!” according to ASI member Meridith Murray.

Long-time indexer Ina Gravitz said, “The ASI conference and workshop courses have been invaluable for my growth as an indexer. But the absolutely best part of ASI are the members themselves. The knowledge I have gained from them, all the tidbits that are not taught in classes or written about in books, is priceless.”

“I’ve definitely benefited from the continuing education opportunities that ASI offers, particularly the articles in Key Words, as well as the webinars and Online Learning Courses,” said Shannon Li, adding “Indexers are lifelong learners by trade, and ASI helps facilitate that characteristic.”

Whether you like ASI because of the educational opportunities (webinars, Online Learning Courses, conference sessions, Training Course), the connections with other indexers (ASI discussion group, Indexing Playground, annual conference), ASI publications (Key Words and See Also), or as a great way to connect with customers (Jobs Hotline, Indexer Locator), let your indexing colleagues know why your membership is worth it.

When you refer your friend, think about answering this question: For you, what is the best advantage of ASI membership? Share that information with your colleague and encourage them to become a member, too! Here’s the link to the ASI benefits page with more information.

ASI grows stronger when our membership grows. You can plant the seed that helps the organization to blossom.

* New member must join by October 31, 2023 and provide your name as the person referring them in the comment box when they join. To qualify for gifts, the new member may not have been a member of ASI during the preceding 183 days (six months). ASI tote bag ships to addresses within the United States.

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