ASI’s Summer of ’21 Webinar Sale

Summer of '21 WEBINAR SALE

$21 in '21

ASI has produced 28 webinars on HOT topics for indexers. Need to increase your speed? Do you struggle with mastering the metatopic of a book? Want new tips on using your software? Wrestling with how to handle vexing problems with names? We've got a webinar for that—and for many other indexing challenges. During the summer of '21, each webinar is just $21 for ASI members! Check out this index of webinar topics.

Take advantage of the $21 Webinar Sale

Log in to access member rates, then choose your webinar(s) in the shopping cart, insert coupon code* SUMMER21 and click Apply prior to check out. You'll get $8 off your webinar purchase. This opportunity is available through September 6, 2021.

Choose your webinar(s) and start saving today!

*Coupon code must be entered at time of purchase.

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