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Shadow or no, we’re not hiding in any holes. Getting ready for the annual conference in April. We look forward to seeing you there.

Love Your ASI Chapter
Nominating Committee seeks recommendations for board members
Still time to submit an ASI Award Nomination
ASI Annual Conference
Chapter News: Virtual Meeting and Peer Review

Love Your ASI Chapter!

This Valentine’s Day, how about showing some love to your ASI chapter(s)? Did you know that membership in one chapter is included free with your ASI membership? Did you know that chapter membership is NOT automatically assigned and if you did not specifically choose a chapter when you joined ASI or renewed your membership, you are NOT a member of your local chapter? Here’s how to tell if you are officially a member of your chapter:
Go to Log in to your account. You’ll see a gray box on the right side of your screen that should list your chapter name.

If you don’t see your chapter membership listed and you want to join an ASI chapter, contact Meg Camp at the ASI office and she will be happy to add your preferred chapter. Be sure to specify which one.

Your first chapter is free and membership provides amazing benefits! If you are on the border of a neighboring chapter, you may want to join that one as well, to keep informed ($14 fee applies for each chapter after your first FREE one).

If you are already a member of a chapter and would like to join a second chapter, you can do it all by yourself by clicking here.

And, if you haven’t joined ASI yet, now is the time (remember to choose a FREE chapter membership)! Join and choose your chapter.

ASI Nominating Committee seeks recommendations for board members

The ASI Nominating Committee is working on identifying potential candidates for board positions beginning in 2018. Three offices need to be filled: the position of President-elect, and two positions on the Board of Directors. The board positions are three-year terms.

The committee seeks active ASI members who are willing to give something back to their professional organization. ASI needs you! Your energy, experience, ideas, and commitment are crucial to the continued dynamic growth of this unique organization of information professionals.

For more information or to make a recommendation to the committee, click here.

You still have time to submit an ASI Award Nomination

The ASI Excellence in Indexing Award recognizes the normally anonymous indexers and the publishers who provide high-quality indexes to serve their readers. The indexer of the winning index receives $1,000 from ASI and a certificate. The deadline for submissions is February 15. Find more information here.

The Hines Award recognizes those who have made exceptional contributions to ASI and to the indexing profession. The deadline for submitting a nomination for the 2018 award is February 17. Award nominees should demonstrate an ongoing commitment to ASI and the indexing profession through their service. For details, visit.

Both awards will be presented at the ASI national conference in Cleveland, Ohio, April 26-28, 2018.


ASI Annual Conference

Cleveland, Ohio
April 26–28, 2018

We hope you’ll join us! Stay tuned for conference details and registration information, which will be posted soon.

Cleveland offers a broad spectrum of entertaining activities, a few of which are highlighted here. The ASI conference provides the perfect opportunity to advance your indexing knowledge, reconnect with your colleagues, and enjoy the lakefront city that is Cleveland.

Chapter News

Pacific Northwest (PNW) Virtual Meeting and Peer Review

Thursday, February 22
10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. Pacific time

This is an online meeting via Zoom (thanks to ASI) for which a link will be sent to you.

Three indexes will be reviewed in a discussion led by a moderator, who will begin the session with general comments about the index and perhaps a question or two. Depending on the number of participants, participants can unmute and speak up or sign up in the chat box and wait to be called on by the moderator. We’ll let you know the protocol when the time arrives. All participants will receive the indexes as email attachments a few days before the event, along with Peer Review Guidelines and instructions for logging on to Zoom.

The chapter covers a wide geographical area. We hope that this virtual event will allow more people to participate in a meeting that will help us all hone our indexing skills. All are invited! To participate in the February 22nd Virtual Peer Review, please email Sam Arnold-Boyd before February 18.


In the spotlight this month is Bonnie Taylor.

If you would like to nominate someone for the spotlight or be in it yourself, contact the editor, Ælfwine Mischler.

Where do you live now? Where are you originally from? Do you share your home with pets or family?
I’m originally from Florida and now live in the northern Virginia suburbs of Washington DC. From 1990 to 2013, however, I lived all over, from Germany to Hawaii and places in between, due to my husband’s Army service. We are empty nesters now who share our home with two cats (Eddie and Harvey) and an Australian terrier named Ginger.

What is your educational background?
I got my BA in Russian Studies with a minor in German from Stetson University. I went on to law school at Stetson and later also added on a Masters of Library and Information Studies at Florida State University.

Do you have any hobbies, travels, volunteer work, or other interesting things to share?
My hobbies are knitting and reading. I love to travel and have been to Hawaii and Copenhagen in the past of couple years. Aside from that, I save my travel time for visiting my son and daughter-in-law in San Antonio, my daughter in Boston, and my parents in Florida.

What kind of work did you do before you studied indexing? Are you still doing that or other work in addition to indexing?
I was a stay-at-home mom until our younger child left for college. Freelance indexing fit in well with our lives since we moved every couple of years courtesy of the Army. I’ve been working full-time for Bloomberg BNA since 2014 as a legal index editor, but I still do the occasional freelance project.

When did you start indexing? When did you join ASI?
I became aware of indexing when I got a contract to write a book on education law and it addressed the matter of the index. I didn’t wind up doing my own index, but it got me interested in the field. I took some classes with Enid Zafran and started freelancing in 1996. I went to ASI that year in Winston-Salem just for a day of Cindex training and have attended annual conferences in Galveston, Philadelphia, San Diego, and Chicago.

For you, what is the best advantage of ASI membership?
I’ve made a lot of friends through ASI, and I have also had some great training opportunities both at conferences and through webinars.

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