ASI Webinar Overview and Proposal Form

What does an ASI Webinar look like?

  • ASI webinars are an educational resource. Most ASI webinars should explore a topic of interest to indexers, such as indexing practices; specialty-specific concerns; how to handle specific types of texts, information, or issues; or business aspects of indexing. Although less frequent, some ASI webinars provide indexing-related information to other publishing professionals.
  • Webinars should be one hour in length, including a short period for a Q&A. This allows enough time to explore a subject in some detail, while not being so long that you lose your audience or that potential attendees have difficulty committing to the scheduled time.
  • Webinars should use a PowerPoint presentation to display the highlights of the talk. In addition to providing a visual for the attendees, the PowerPoint, showing the highlights of your talk, helps attendees stay focused on what you’re saying, in the absence of the physical cues (such as body language) that they would have in an in-person presentation.
  • Webinars should be self-contained, that is, they should provide all necessary information within the presentation; they should not require additional handouts or audience feedback (apart from the Q&A session).

If you are interested in presenting an ASI webinar, we welcome your proposal submission via this form.

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