ASI Webinar: Indexing Arabic Names with AElfwine Mischler

ASI Webinar: Indexing Arabic Names, What Everyone Should Know

with AElfwine Mischler

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

12 pm Pacific; 1 pm Mountain; 2 pm Central; 3 pm Eastern

This webinar explains potential difficulties in indexing both modern and premodern Arabic names. What do you do with the definite article and its variants? What is Al when it’s not an article? What names must not be split? When and where do you invert names? The materials for this webinar are based in part on errors found in published indexes.

This webinar will help you to recognize

  • the definite article and its variants
  • compound names tha tmust not be split
  • titles that are mistaken for surnames
  • whether and where to invert names

AElfwine recommends that attendees read her blog posts about romanized Arabic before the webinar. (See link below.)

Ælfwine Mischler is an American indexer based in Cairo. She has been editing Islamic studies and other materials for many years and has been indexing since 2014, primarily in Islamic studies, Middle East studies, and Egyptology. She has written about indexing and about romanized Arabic in English texts on An American Editor blog and has published in The Indexer, "Arabic terms in embedded book indexes."

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