Session Details

Artbooks and Art Catalogs Indexing: A How-To Presentation (Breakout Session)

with Enid Zafran and Chip Reese

This session, aimed at experienced indexers, will explain the steps and approaches to indexing artbooks and art catalogs. Examples of various types of indexes will be explained as well as the strategies used in their creation. Each year both presenters index multiple books in this category for museums, galleries, and private art publishers.

ASI Training Course Update (Breakout Session)

with Janet Perlman

ASI has been operating its self-paced indexing course for close to two years. This 40-minute session will provide an inside view of how the course has been operating during that time and will detail some of the successes, as well as some of the lessons learned.

Can the Humble Page Survive the Ebook? (Keynote)

with Jeff Duntemann

Thousands of years of evolution have made print books what they are today. Over the next twenty years ebooks will radically change the ways that we find, purchase, read, and study information, and there is no guarantee that a single industry will be able to bridge the gap between print and digital publishing.

CINDEX Update (Breakout Session)

with Frances Lennie

Learn about the new and improved features in CINDEX as well as current functions you might not have exploited as yet. The presentation will show the software's performance on both platforms Windows and Macintosh and time will be made available for questions.

Degunking Your PC (Breakout Session)

with Jeff Duntemann

The co-author of Degunking Windows and Degunking Your PC presents the five most important steps you can take to reverse "Windows atherosclerosis" and return your PC to its "out of the box" responsiveness. Because malware is such an important cause of Windows slowdown and often difficult to reverse, Degunking Tip #1 will be a quick mini-session called "Five Tips for Dodging Malware."

Energy Exercises for Stress Management (Breakout Session)

with Noalani Terry

This 40-minute session will provide participants with easy-to-do exercises and postures, some of which can be performed while seated at your computer. These balance energy flows through the body, relieving stress, reducing anxiety and revitalizing mind, body, and spirit. The holistic healing modality of polarity will be briefly explained. Handouts for future reference will be available. Please wear reasonably comfortable clothing.

Herding Cats: the Challenges of Indexing Multi-authored Documents using Controlled Vocabulary (Breakout Session)

with Julie McClung

Multi-authored documents present many challenges for indexers. In the case of ongoing publications, the need for consistency in choosing subject headings and terminology is paramount so users can find topics as easily in a 1977 as a 2007 publication. Because such documents are often processed by multiple indexers, a controlled vocabulary and terminology guide greatly assist in this endeavor.

Using the B.C. Hansard Index and its in-house resources as a case study, this session demonstrates the challenges and rewards of writing an ongoing index in a team-based environment.

Index Comparison Project, Part 3 (Breakout Session)

with Cheryl Landes

This is a continuation of the Index Comparison Project presented at the Vancouver and Toronto conferences. In the latest phase, Cheryl Landes and Cynthia Landeen have conducted usability tests on the indexes from phase 2 of the project. The results will be presented in this session. A summary of the first two phases of the project can be found at

Indexes and the Google Generation: What you Don't Know CAN Hurt You (Breakout Session)

with Chuck Knapp

"You know, now that electronic is replacing print, we won't need indexes anymore, right?" BNA decided to put this to the test. Do indexes, in fact, help in an electronic format, and can we quantify how much? This session presents the results of a usability study at law schools, comparing success rates and completion times for full text search and indexes.

Indexing Using Subcontractors (Breakout Session)

with Enid Zafran (chair), Terri Hudoba, and Kay Schlembach

Working with subcontractors can be an important way of expanding your indexing business and increasing your income. If you have ever considered operating an indexing business using subcontractors, this session with a panel of long-time indexers will explain both the rewards and pitfalls of such a business model. They will also discuss legal structures (e.g., LLC, corporation, or sole proprietorship) and why they chose the one they use.

Introducing Macrex v.8 (Workshop)

with Gale Rhoades

See why the new Macrex version 8 is garnering such acclaim! As it is impossible to demonstrate all of the new options in the time available, we will focus on the most popular additions and enhancements.

Introduction to Embedded Indexing (Breakout Session)

with Jan C. Wright

Embedded indexing doesn't sound liberating, but it opens the door to setting your index free to follow the content wherever that content may go. In this presentation, Jan will discuss the theory and practice of embedded indexing, demonstrate indexing into Word files, Frame files, and InDesign files, and cover some techniques and tools that aid in this process. The session will conclude with a short foray into XML structured files.

Introduction to Macrex (Breakout Session)

with Gale Rhoades

See why the new Macrex version 8 is garnering such acclaim! Gale discusses the new features of the latest version, as well as providing a general overview of the software.

Introduction to Medical Indexing (Workshop)

with Pilar Wyman

This workshop will focus on how to write indexes for medical media. An overview of quality indexes will be followed by an introduction to medical indexes. We'll learn how to evaluate indexes, and then will proceed with initial indexing work. Attendees will participate in hands-on group activities as we write and edit an index for a sample text excerpt. In addition to criteria for quality indexes, attendees will receive many tips for editing indexes.

Learning from Indexing Disasters (Breakout Session)

with Diana Witt (chair), Janet Perlman, Caryl Wenzel, Jan C. Wright, and Pilar Wyman

We often learn more from mistakes and “disasters” than we do from our successes; criticism should not be feared and may be one of the best ways to develop the self-confidence that is essential to a freelancer's success. Sharing experiences, both positive and negative, is one of the best ways to learn, and we hope this panel discussion on catastrophe will help both the audience and the participants learn and grow.

Marketing Techniques for Small Business Owners (Breakout Session)

with LaSheita Sayer

Whether a beginning indexer just building a business or an experienced indexer needing additional clients, we can all use strategies for growing our businesses. This session will provide you with the knowledge to help you create a marketing plan, as well as practical marketing tips and techniques that are simple and easy to use.

Practical Introduction to Indexing (Workshop)

with Kay Schlembach

Pragmatic and straightforward, Kay offers comprehensive, energetic, face-to-face exposure to fundamental book indexing techniques and thinking skills. Novice indexers, career changers, information workers, editors, and writers will benefit from this fast-paced workshop.

Although indexing theory informs the material, Kay concentrates on the basic indexing process, accompanied by numerous examples and opportunities for self-evaluation, plus instructor feedback and group participation. Live teaching, diverse peer interaction, and instant feedback serve to complement isolated independent learning.

Key concepts include term selection, entries, cross-references, formatting, and simple editing. Learners will be able to create a full index by the end of this full-day workshop (presented in two half-day sessions).

Scripting CINDEX Workflows (Workshop)

with David K. Ream

A new tool for automating CINDEX functions will be presented. Illustrations of script creation and development will be given. Scripts will be demonstrated for some common workflow situations.

Self-Publishing (Breakout Session)

with Cheryl Landes

Have you ever wanted to publish your own books? Cheryl Landes will share her experiences with self-publishing and provide tips on the process. She will also discuss indexing opportunities in self-publishing.

SKY Index Professional: From Basics to the Advanced (Workshop)

with Kamm Schreiner

This workshop will start with the basics on how to use and configure SKY Index Professional and will progress to more advanced topics. Attendees will learn how to more effectively use the program and will be presented with tips and techniques for efficient editing and data entry. Some of the topics that will be covered are: Macros, Acronyms, Grouping, Formatting, Find/Replace, Pattern Matching, and more.

SKY Index Professional v7: A Sneak Peek (Breakout Session)

with Kamm Schreiner

Kamm will demonstrate and discuss some of the new features in the upcoming version 7.0 of SKY Index Professional.

Taxonomy and Thesaurus Creation (Workshop)

with Heather Hedden

This workshop will provide the additional information and some of the practice needed for those with indexing or library science backgrounds to start working on taxonomies and thesauri. Short practical exercises will be interspersed among the topics. This workshop takes a somewhat different approach from past conference workshops on taxonomies, which were focused on enterprise taxonomies. This workshop also has for the first time additional demonstrations of software affordable for indexers.

Outline: Introduction, Definitions, Term relationships, Wording of terms and their variants, Facets and categories, Sources for terms, Software, Project processes, Related topics, Types of work available, Resources.