2024 Indexing Conference Call for Presentation Proposals

2024 ASI Annual Conference
"Spread Your Indexing Wings"

June 5–6, 2024

Bryn Mawr College
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

As our thoughts turn toward Spring, the time for renewal, it is also time to plan for the ASI annual conference. In 2024, we will be bringing back the in-person conference! We’re looking forward to seeing everyone face to face, and we need YOUR presentations and ideas!

Call for Presentation Proposals

Whether you are an experienced indexer with knowledge in a niche area or a newer indexer with a growing business, you have skills and knowledge to share with your ASI colleagues. Sometimes the things that seem obvious to you are new to someone else. For example, if you started indexing recently, then you have fresh knowledge about starting your business and learning the ropes.

The annual ASI conference is the perfect opportunity to expand your indexing knowledge and learn from your peers. And one of the best ways to learn is by teaching others! Every year I'm impressed by the variety and quality of the information members present at our conferences. Work is underway to once again bring together a great program; however, we still have some open spots available, and we are accepting proposals now.

Most presentation slots are one hour in duration, but other durations can be arranged as appropriate. Visual content (slides, screen sharing, illustrations) is encouraged, not required. If you have a great idea, but lack of PowerPoint or a similar skill is a concern, we can help with that! Panel presentations are also allowed, and can be a great way to cover different aspects of a topic.

How to Submit a Proposal

If you have a topic in mind for a presentation, go ahead and complete the Online Proposal Form and send it in. If you’re interested in presenting but are unsure of your topic, you can check out our list of suggested topics or feel free to reach out to me, this year’s Annual Conference Program Committee chairperson, Kendra Millis. I’ll be happy to help!

Our deadline for submitting proposals is April 19, 2024, but feel free to submit proposals early. If you have questions about the proposal form or about the details of presenting, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Questions? Please contact Kendra Millis, Annual Conference Program Committee Chair.

Click for Online Proposal Form

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