Please welcome the new editor of Key Words

Please help us welcome Sarahh Scher, the new editor of ASI's quarterly journal Key Words. Sarahh will assume the role on April 1, 2024.

Sarahh holds a PhD in art history from Emory University and an MFA in printmaking from New Mexico State University. As an art historian, she has published articles and book chapters and has presented internationally.

She has been indexing since 2021 and has focused on scholarly texts in the humanities, on topics ranging from art history to human geography.

Sarahh lives in New England, where she grows hot peppers and tomatoes every summer.

Daniel Heila, the current editor of Key Words, is completing the 2024 first-quarter journal. Rich with content, this issue is a valuable read for all indexers. We'd like to express our appreciation to Daniel for his years of service in this position.

Laurie Hlavaty continues in the role of editor of See Also, ASI's monthly newsletter, which is posted on the ASI website and distributed to ASI members and other interested parties.

Key Words is available to all ASI members on the ASI website.

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