Meet our incoming ASI board members

Learn more about your incoming board members

Our incoming board members will be installed on April 27, 2019, at the ASI Conference. Join us in Scottsdale, Arizona, at "Bloom in the Desert," for the annual meeting and board installation.

Meghan Miller Brawley (President Elect)


Meghan came to indexing in 2012, after an initial career in public libraries and university archives, which gave her an understanding of both authors’ and readers’ needs, as well as a commitment to service and education. She’s currently pursuing her school librarian licensure, and is interested in teaching critical thinking skills and information analysis, as well as research skills. She is currently serving on ASI's board of directors, is the administrator for the ASI Training in Indexing course, and served as Chair for ASI's Mid- and South-Atlantic Chapter. She is also a volunteer proofreader for Key Words, and lives (for now) in central North Carolina.

Anne Fifer (Treasurer)


AnneFifer1I am a freelance indexer, and member of ASI since 2008. My education is in psychology and medicine, with additional interests and expertise in cooking, food science, apiculture, art, and gardening/farming.

Nan Badgett (Director)


Nan started her indexing career in 1992 when indexers still used paper proofs delivered via courier and contracted jobs on the telephone. During that time, she has indexed trade books, textbooks, technical manuals, and periodicals. Prior to indexing, she worked as a litigation assistant, counseling office manager, and a corporate writer. Nan has a Bachelor of Arts in French, and learned to index through the USDA distance learning courses. She has continued her professional development through ASI and has served the organization on both the local and national levels. She has participated in the Excellence for Indexing committee (formerly the Wilson Award) and served as chair of that committee in 2014. She is also the author of The Accidental Indexer. Nan lives in Catalina, Arizona, on the outskirts of Tucson. When she’s not indexing, she enjoys biking and hiking.

Shannon Li (Director)


I started indexing professionally in January 2018, after taking the UC Berkeley indexing course in fall 2017. I have been making back-of-the-book indexes for primarily scholarly texts in a broad range of history, religious, and literary subjects. I have a PhD in history from Ohio State University, specializing in medieval history, religion, and manuscript studies. I live in Cleveland, OH, and in my spare time I enjoy reading, cooking, yoga, hiking, and playing tabletop and video games - all in the company of my husband Jimmy and our two dogs Yoshi and Teddy.

Rachel Shaw (Director)


Rachel has been indexing professionally since 2005, making use of her doctorate in environmental and cultural history to support her focus on scholarly books. Her subject areas include history, the social sciences, and the humanities, with a special interest in works dealing with indigenous, Latin American/borderland, Western, and environmental topics. She appreciates indexing for the way it introduces her to a wide range of subjects and perspectives.

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