Hines Award Call for Nominations for 2014

Nominations Due February 28, 2014

HinesAwardThe Hines Award, named for Theodore Hines, was established to honor those who have provided exceptional service to the American Society for Indexing (ASI). Past winners of the Hines Award have been instrumental in writing and editing books, publicizing ASI programs and services, forming and supporting chapters or SIGs (or both), and improving training for indexers nationwide.

If you know of someone who has offered distinguished service to ASI, perhaps as an officer, board member, or committee member, or who has provided leadership on the local or SIG level, then please consider nominating that person for recognition. The Hines Award Committee (Enid L. Zafran, Frances Lennie, and Janet Perlman—all past Hines Award recipients) are now seeking your help to recognize those dedicated ASI members who help the Society achieve its goals.

We want to call to your attention some changes to the rules governing the submissions of nominations. They were made to streamline the process and clarify the criteria. These revised rules were accepted by the ASI Board at the 2013 annual meeting. While the full text of the rules is available on the ASI website here, of particular note:

5.2 Nominations shall be accepted electronically as PDF and/or Word-accessible files. Paper submission by U.S. mail or delivery service are also accepted. The cutoff date for the Committee's receipt of nominations shall be determined by the Committee, but will allow for at least 2 months from the time of the announcement to the final date. The date of the Committee's decision will also be at least 6 weeks prior to the event at which the award will be handed out.

5.3 Self-nominations are not accepted.

5.4 Each nomination shall be accompanied by documented evidence of service, which includes at least the following (see Addendum A for list of suggested activities):

5.4.a A letter of nomination with supporting reasons for the choice of the candidate; and
5.4.b Supporting letters that demonstrate one or more of the following:

5.4.b.1 Exceptional service as an officer, board member, or committee chair of ASI who has served more than one term, or who has served in more than one office;
5.4.b.2 Exceptional service on ASI committees for multiple or continuous terms; or
5.4.b.3 Exceptional service, scholarship, or other activity through ASI or in cooperation with ASI for the advancement and improvement of the indexing profession.

Nominations should be submitted to
Hines Award Committee Chair
Enid L. Zafran enid@indexingpartners.com
with a subject line: Hines Award Nomination.
The cutoff date for nominations is February 28, 2014.

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