Call for Nominations for 2021 Hines Award

Nominations Due March 26, 2021

Call for Hines Nominations

ASI's Theodore C. Hines Award recognizes those who have made exceptional contributions to ASI and to the indexing profession. The deadline for submitting a nomination for the 2021 award is March 26, 2021. Please consider making a nomination for ASI's highest service honor!

The 2020 Theodore C. Hines Award for continuous dedication and exceptional service to ASI was awarded to Kendra Millis.

Hines Award nominees should demonstrate an ongoing commitment to ASI and the indexing profession through service as an officer, board member, or in other leadership roles at the national level or within Chapters and SIGs. Other contributions worthy of note include active participation in national and regional conferences, web site management, publications, committees, educational activities, etc.

To submit a nomination, send a letter by email to Diana Witt, Hines Committee Chair, documenting the reasons the nominee is worthy of consideration. The nomination letter should be accompanied by letters of recommendation from at least three other individuals who support the nomination. Rules and procedure for submitting nominations are available on the ASI website here.

The award will be presented at the ASI Annual Meeting in May.

Note that the Hines judging process is confidential. Nominees should not be informed that they are being nominated; nor should that information be publicly revealed online prior to the judging.

Diana Witt is chair of the Hines Committee and the 2018 Hines Award recipient. Also serving are Fred Leise, 2019 Hines Award recipient, and Kendra Millis, 2020 recipient.

Hines Information from ASI website

ASI has been fortunate in having the services of many dedicated members. The Theodore C. Hines Award was established in 1993 to honor those members who have provided exceptional service to ASI. The award is ASI's highest honor to its own, and was named for Ted Hines, who played a large part in the establishment of the Society. For those who may not have known Ted Hines, he is considered by many to have been the "founding father" of ASI, so it is fitting that we give an award in his name that "recognizes that individual who has shown continuous, dedicated, and exceptional service to the membership of ASI."

Ted Hines was born September 9, 1926. He received his M.L.S. in 1958 and Ph.D. in 1960 from Rutgers University. He taught at Rutgers, Columbia University, and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. He was a pioneer in the use of "microcromputers" and "microcomputer programs" in libraries. In 1968, Dr. Hines convened the first formal ASI board meeting in New York. He died June 25, 1983. In an obituary for Prof. Hines, Dick Kollin wrote, "Ted left his mark on many of us, and the profession is the better for it."

Hines Award Nomination Process

The Hines Committee needs members to consider nominations for this Award. Nominations are gathered each spring and the presentation of the Award is made at the Annual Meeting. Please be thinking of someone who has offered distinguished service, perhaps as an officer, board member, or committee member, or who has worked with ASI for the advancement and improvement of the indexing profession. Talk to your colleagues and seek support for your nomination by having them write letters of support for your nomination letter. Then send your nominating and supporting letters to the Hines Committee chair. The recipient, who should be a current or former active member of ASI, will receive a lifetime membership in ASI.

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