ASI Online Learning Course: Learning about KPS (Kerntiff Publishing Systems) Indexing-related Plugins for InDesign


Learning about KPS (Kerntiff Publishing Systems) Indexing-related Plugins for InDesign

with Lucie Haskins

Step-by-step instruction on how to use the helpful KPS plugins with Adobe’s most popular desktop publishing program InDesign

Once you’re familiar with InDesign’s native indexing module, you’ll appreciate the spiffy KPS tools that can shortcut some tasks or augment with functions completely unavailable in InDesign.

We start off with a quick overview on just what these tools are, who developed them, why they might be helpful, and how they can be difficult to understand at first glance.

Because there are so many of these tools, with most of them specific to one task and, for many, with limited user interactions, I found the best way to understand their usefulness is to group them together by function.

And by taking the time to truly understand the task/function of each plugin, I could then determine where, in my embedded indexing workflow, each might serve me best.

Therefore, we will review the tools based on the following primary categories. Each tool is discussed in turn within each category (with execution instructions along with usage caveats and other pertinent information).

  • Creating indexes
    Tools discussed in this category include Quick Index and Quick Index Search.

  • Importing existing indexes
    Tools discussed in this category include Index Import, Marker Mover, and Remove Temp Import Boxes.

  • Editing index entries
    Tools discussed in this category include Index Editor, Index Ref Remover, Orphaned Marker Remover, Orphan Killer, Orphan Merger, and Page Ranger.

  • Navigating through, search for, or viewing index entries
    Tools discussed in this category include Index Navigator, Index Tooltip, PDF InDex Stickies, Quick Index Search, and Index Editor.

  • Exporting or hyperlinking entries
    Tools discussed in this category include HyperLinker and Export Index.

After you’ve grasped the functionality of these tools, you can determine for yourself which tools can best improve your efficiency and effectiveness as an indexer embedding with InDesign.


Remember, this is a TRAINING class. Because the class is loaded with so much information, the session has been recorded and is available for registrants to revisit as often as desired. Registrants are also provided with handouts (available on this page after purchase) so they can concentrate on the material being presented and limit note-taking to essential elements only. After you register, return to this page, and the webinar will be available (you must be logged in so the website recognizes you).

Lucie Haskins became an indexer in 2000 after a long career in corporate America, with roles spanning the computer industry and management consulting. She specializes in embedded indexing (FrameMaker, Word, Docbook XML, and InDesign) and in computer- and business-related topics, and enjoys discovering and applying tools that optimize her indexing process.

She believes strongly in giving back to a profession that has been so generous to her, and has presented workshops and published articles (in Key Words and The Indexer) on various indexing topics, instructed for UC Berkeley’s online indexing course, and served ASI in chapter and national positions as well as on its webmaster team. She is the current EIS Award (formerly Wilson Award) Committee chair.

The webinar was presented on October 29, 2014 as part of a three-part series on Embedded Indexing in InDesign. If you prefer to view all three sessions, please click to visit this page.

This Online Learning Course is no longer available for purchase, but can be viewed by those who are currently subscribed.

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