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Beth Corzo-Duchardt, PhD, film and media studies
Beth Corzo-Duchardt, PhD, film and media studies
Pasadena, California United States
I hold a PhD in film and media history from Northwestern University and work as an independent indexer, researcher, and educator in Los Angeles. My practice is informed by: (1) Details...
Mary Kidd, J.D., JURIS  DOCTOR
Catonsville, Maryland USA
Medical, legal, health sciences, and nursing indexes are the trademark specialties of the KIDD INDEXING team. Our team provides you with reasonably-priced indexes for databases, books, journals, and electronically-published materials. Details...
Maria Sullivan
Maria Sullivan
Maria A. Sullivan Indexing
Greenfield, Massachusetts USA
Karthik Ganesh Balan, M.Phil
Karthik Ganesh Balan, M.Phil
Akshara Publishing Services
Mysore, Karnataka India
A freelancer with ample years of experience in the field of Indexing. Publishers, you will be dealing with a professional who follows a hassle-free work mode, delivers a selling index, Details...

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