ASI Webinar Replay: The Glory and the Nothing of a Name
with Noeline Bridge

The Glory and the Nothing of a Name with Noeline Bridge Although most personal names are straightforward to index, those that aren’t can pose some vexing and time-consuming problems. Noeline will be guiding participants through the most common problems in indexing them, illustrated by examples from her own indexing, where possible, and otherwise from questions […]

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ASI Webinar Replay: PDFs in the Indexing Process: Maximizing Your Efficiency

PDFs in the Indexing Process: Maximizing Your Efficiency with Connie Binder This fast-paced webinar will explore the use of Adobe Reader, Acrobat Standard/Pro, and Margaret Berson’s Megabit Macros in the indexing process, with the goal of increasing data-entry speed and accuracy. Topics will include: Find Advanced Search Setting Preferences Navigation and keyboard shortcuts Getting terms […]

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ASI Webinar Replay: Ethics in Indexing

Ethics in Indexing with Heather Ebbs Although we often allude to ethics in online discussions or personal chats with other indexers, neither of the North American societies codifies ethical guidelines for indexers. Could we? Should we? What are the ethical responsibilities of indexers? of indexing societies? How do ethics relate to professionalism? The following scenarios […]

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ASI Webinar Replay: Successful Subheadings with Fred Leise

September 17, 2014 This webinar will help you improve your indexing skills through an exploration of the world of subheadings. We will focus on three major areas: the purposes of subheadings, characteristics of successful subheadings, and common subheading problems. The core of the presentation is a discussion of 10 heuristics that are easy to follow […]

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ASI Webinar Replay: How to Increase Your Business Using the Indexer’s Best Secret Marketing Weapon

Indexer Locator—Crafting your listing for maximum effect with Connie Binder August 27, 2014 An Indexer Locator listing is one of the easiest and most effective marketing tools available to indexers. Learn what it is and how you can make it work for you. We’ll talk about who searches the Locator and how, statistics on Locator […]

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ASI Webinar Replay: Autoclassification—Information Management Strategies with Seth Maislin

This webinar was presented June 25, 2014 Even the best information management strategies will fail miserably if you don’t get the keywording right. As amounts of valuable content proliferate exponentially, and requirements for precision and context-sensitivity skyrocket in complexity, it is nearly impossible for quality keywording to keep pace. Autoclassification is the only answer, but […]

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ASI Webinar Replay: Creating Name Authority Files for Large Indexing Projects with Linda Dunn

with Linda Dunn, Dunn Information Organization This webinar was presented March 12, 2014 All large projects, especially those which are written over long periods of time or by a number of different authors, will have some inconsistency in names. The solution to such inherent inconsistencies is the use of an external file which contains records […]

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