Key Words Index 2000 – 2016 (Vol. 8 – 24)

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This index was prepared and edited by Pilar Wyman, former Editor, Key Words, with the assistance of Laurie Hlavaty Holod, Vicki Austin, Amron Gravett, and Jean Bruce.


  • (conf rpt)—report of a professional meeting
  • (letter)—letter to the editor
  • (rvw)—review of a publication or product

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O’ Artful Death (Taylor), 14:142


Child, Julia, 12:115

Coerr, Susan DeRenne, 15:107

Edwards, Mary Jane, 13:8

Holmes, Olive Cousins, 11:103

Jezer, Marty, 13:114

Knight, Joan, 19:43

Maddocks, Hugh C., 16:79

Palmer, Robert J., 17:41–42

Pinckard, Mara, 14:117

Porpa, Edyie, 16:79

Tullar, Irving Conde, 10:120

Wellisch, Hans, 12:44

O’Brian, Patrick

Persons, Animals, Ships and Cannon in the Aubrey-Maturin Sea Novels of Patrick O’Brian (Brown) (rvw), 9:97–98

Ochej, Helen

“Dancing Backwards in High Heels: An Introduction to Database Indexing” (Wyman) (conf rpt), 10:70–74

“Use of NLM’s New MeSH Browser and other NLM Databases as Medical Indexing Tools for Non-MEDLINE Indexers” (Ochej) (conf rpt), 9:121

O’Dell, Joanne

“Indexing Software Components: A Proposal for Enabling Reuse Using ’Novel’ Techniques,” 12:59–60

“Of Conferences and Chrysanthemums” (Mertes) (President’s File), 10:144–146

OfficeMax Partner Advantage Program

“OfficeMax Partnership” (Weaver and Adrian), 15:106

office systems

“Cultivating a ‘Green’ Thumb in Your Indexing Business” (Eastler), 15:50–52

“On the Disposal of Page Proofs and Manuscripts” (Linzer), 15:14

“Organizing Your Office Systems” (Augst) (conf rpt), 14:93

“Streamlining Our Work Processes: Connie Binder, Becky Hornyak and Bonnie Hanks” (Krumholz) (conf rpt), 18:82–83

“Tips for a Healthy PC” (Rhodes), 15:53–55

offshore indexing

“Indexing Workshop for Technical Writers in India” (Brown), 14:134–135

“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Thoughts on Free Trade” (Wyman) (Editor’s File), 12:41

Okita, Janice Rice

“Mid-South Atlantic (MSAC) Chapter Report” (Binder), 18:44 photo

“Oklahoma Periodicals” (Ahrberg) (conf rpt), 12:94–95

The Oklahoma Periodicals Index

“Oklahoma Periodicals” (Ahrberg) (conf rpt), 12:94–95

Olafsson, Katrin

“Golden Gate Chapter Meetings,” 18:47, 47 photo

Olano, Ever

“Golden Gate Chapter Report” (Reed), 16:117

Olason, Susan

“Let’s Get Profitable! Workshop Summary” (Roberts and Wyman), 8:132

O’Leary, Brian

“ASI NY Chapter Conference” (Manner), 18:10

“Brian O’Leary A Hit in NYC” (Tulic) (conf rpt), 21:8

Olesen, Annie Joan

Information Consulting: Guide to Good Practice (with Wormell and Mikulás) (rvw), 20:69–70

Olmstead, Margy

“Indexing: A Newbie’s Eye View,” 15:120–121

Olson, Debbie

The Accidental Technology Trainer: A Guide for Libraries (Gerding) (rvw), 16:70

“Managing Large Projects” (Witt) (conf rpt), 14:91

“Metadata: A Primer for Indexers,” 17:18–20

“Organizing Your Office Systems” (Augst) (conf rpt), 14:93

“Parliamentary Indexing” (McClung, Kotler, Cartmell, Chan, Dunlop, Hudson, and Ream) (conf rpt), 14:96

“Volunteer Indexing Projects: Gaining Experience While Providing a Service In Your Community,” 15:46

“Omnia Mutantur” (Leise) (President’s Message), 23:69–70

“On” (Perlman), 24(1):20

“On Aboutness Workshop: Kate Mertes” (Flatoff) (conf rpt), 18:88, 88 photo

“On Citational Voicing” (Bealle), 17:52–53

One-Car Caravan: On the Road With the 2004 Democrats Before America Tunes In (Shapiro), 12:83, 85

O’Neill, Jill

“Adapting to Change” (Wenzel) (conf rpt), 15:92

OneSource Information Services

Global Business Taxonomy (GBT) (rvw), 11:61

“On Indexer Work Methods” (Saigh) (letter), 12:78

“On Index Matrices and Arrays” (Weinberg) (letter), 12:42


“Book Indexes in Metadata” (Payton and Feist), 23:113–114

online community. see also Internet

“Considerations for On-Line Peer Reviews” (Osgood), 10:66

“Indexing Software Components: A Proposal for Enabling Reuse Using ’Novel’ Techniques” (O’Dell), 12:59–60

“Online Content Course,” 19:33

online help

“Indexing Online Help in MedCap Flare” (conf rpt), 19:91

online indexing

“Constructing Web Indexes and Other Navigational Aids – a world tour” (Brown) (conf rpt), 12:100–102

“Creating Web Site Indexes” (Hedden Information Management) (rvw), 13:136–138

“Designing for Online Findability” (Brown) (conf rpt), 14:96

“Indexing Online Help in MadCap Flare” (conf rpt), 19:91

“Online Indexes, A Sampling,” 10:157–159

online resources

“Locating and Evaluating Online Indexing Resources” (conf rpt), 13:92

“Online Resources for Foreign Names” (Nedrow), 11:109

Online Training program (ASI)

Embedded Indexing in InDesign webinar series

“Embedded Indexing in InDesign Webinar” (Haskins), 22:126–127

“Save the Date! Embedded Indexing in Indesign webinar” (Haskins), 22:141

“Practical Taxonomy Creation” (Hedden), 22:153–154, 166

“Save the Date – ASI Announces New Online Training Program” (Haskins), 22:111

“Taming the Metatopic with Kay Schlembach,” 22:153

“On the Disposal of Page Proofs and Manuscripts” (Linzer), 15:14

“On the ethical treatment of trainees” (Reveal) (Editor’s File), 18:41

“On the Need for Medical Indexing,” 9:14

Oosterbaan, Gerber

“Chicago/Great Lakes Chapter Winter Chat” (Jackson), 19:44 photo

“Open Credentialing Committee” (Coughlin, Mertes, Weaver, and Hightower) (conf rpt), 14:98–99

“Open Mike for New Indexers” (Wyman, Badgett, and Schroeder) (conf rpt), 12:94

OpenSource Inc.

“Programmatic Aids for Indexers: Document Comparison” (Natale) (conf rpt), 12:93–94

open source tools

“Indexing with Open Source Tools” (Brown) (rvw), 14:140


Molto Agitato: The Mayhem Behind the Music at the Metropolitan Opera (Fiedler), 10:133

The Operator: David Geffen Builds, Buys, and Sells the New Hollywood (King), 8:84

“Opportunities in Freelance Taxonomy Work” (Hedden), 22:165–167

Order of Kohlrabi

2002 Entrants, 10:95

2003 Entrants, 11:74

2013 Entrants, 21:78

2014 Entrants, 22:69 photo

2015 Entrants, 23:74 photo

“History of and Criteria for the Order of the Kohlrabi Award” (Mertes), 12:82–83

“Kohlrabi Awards,” 18:97; 24(3):9

Members of the Order of Kohlrabi, 12:82

“Oregonian Index Conversion Project” (Bear) (conf rpt), 13:91

O’Reilly Electronic Indexing Award, 8:60, 78

O’Reilly Media

“ASI Key Words Interview with Sanders Kleinfeld” (Ream and Wyman), 23:7–15

O’Reilly Tools of Change 2013 conference

“NISO’s Todd Carpenter Speaks on Altmetrics at TOC 2013” (Ingle) (conf rpt), 21:41

“Tools of Change” (Wyman) (President’s Report), 21:39–40

Organising Knowledge: Taxonomies, Knowledge and Organisational Effectiveness (Lambe) (rvw), 15:130–132


“A is for Arbitrary” (Luxner) (conf rpt), 18:45, 46

“A Newbie Gets Organized” (Barr), 21:66–70

“Organize From A to Z at the Back of a Book” (Biersdorfer), 12:83

“Organizing every item from A to Z can be overkill” (Cleaver), 12:85

“Organizing Your Office Systems” (Augst) (conf rpt), 14:93

Osgood, Martha

“Considerations for On-Line Peer Reviews,” 10:66

“Hines Award Introductory Speech” (Wenzel), 16:103

“In Appreciation of Your Appreciation,” 16:99, 103

“Logistics for Peer Reviews,” 12:120–121

“Peer Reviewer Guidelines,” 12:119

“Peer Reviews: Doing It Well” (conf rpt), 12:93

“Peer Reviews as a Solution to Index Feedback Deprivation,” 10:63–65

osteopathic medical literature index

“Beyond MEDLINE” (rvw), 8:148

“An Ounce of Prevention: Intentional Communication with Authors” (Reed), 23:39–41

Outreach Team, 21:27

“’Owed’ to the IRS Madams and SIRS From an Indexing Mind that Incessantly WhIRS” (Klein), 8:51