Key Words Index 2000 – 2016 (Vol. 8 – 24)

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This index was prepared and edited by Pilar Wyman, former Editor, Key Words, with the assistance of Laurie Hlavaty Holod, Vicki Austin, Amron Gravett, and Jean Bruce.


  • (conf rpt)—report of a professional meeting
  • (letter)—letter to the editor
  • (rvw)—review of a publication or product

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Yager, Ann

“Improving Indexing Speed” (Apel) (conf rpt), 20:58–61

Yahoo discussion boards

Editor’s File (Reveal), 18:5

Yahoo! to the Max: An Extreme Searcher Guide (Hock) (rvw), 13:135–136

Yan Yuemei

“From the President’s Desk” (Shrout), 20:4, 6

“A Year in the Life of a Newbie: Kendra Millis” (Ewald) (conf rpt), 18:92 photo

“The Year of the Sheep” (Wyman) (Editor’s File), 11:5


“Transformation from Within” (Schacher) (conf rpt), 19:85

Yong-Qing, Ge

“Chinese Index Science: Stepping Forward to the New Century,” 8:174–175

York, England

“Report on the Society of Indexers (SI) Conference: The University of York, September 11-13, 2009” (Hanks), 18:137

York, Maury

“From the Alamo to Zydeco Music: Create a Periodical Index for Your State/Region — Tips from the Experts” (Goetting, Ahrberg, Inouye, Kiesel, Kim, Minatodani, Stack, Stewart, and York) (conf rpt), 13:89

“You Are Here, X Marks the Spot” (Wyman) (Editor’s File), 24(4):4

“You Can’t Hit a Home Run Unless You Step up to the Plate” (Zafran) (President’s File), 13:40

“You Mean You Get Paid to Read? More Questions from Students” (Dunham and Rosewood), 12:27

Young, Maria, 20:95 photo

“CINDEX™ Savvy” (conf rpt), 12:99

“Microsoft Products for Indexers” (Maislin, Ream, and Young) (conf rpt), 12:94

“Top Ten CINDEX™ Tips and Tricks for Windows” (conf rpt), 14:99

“You Say Cookies, I Say Biscuits: Or Why Controlled Vocabularies are Important and How Indexers Can Expand Their Skills to Start Creating Them” (Leise) (conf rpt), 11:82–83

Yu, Sophie

“China Society of Indexers Invites You,” 24(3):11 photos